Saturday, August 5, 2017

Trump's cover-up of the cover-up underlines both obstruction and collusion
"The statement was a lie. The contention that Trump wasn’t involved in creating the statement was a lie. What does that say about Trump’s description of his own meeting with Putin? The evidence leaves no doubt: Donald Trump directed a cover-up intended to disguise the nature of contacts between his campaign staff and the Russian government. That’s now the baseline. Not only that, but Trump’s legal representative engaged in denial that Trump had been involved in the cover-up. Quite literally a cover-up of the cover-up. Watergate is now somewhere very far in the rear-view mirror. The level of interference and obstruction this generated is difficult to fathom—but it should be very easy to charge. After all, these weren’t statements made by accident or out of ignorance. They were blatant, deliberate attempts to confuse the public and evade blame for actions that, on close examination, are revealed as the very definition of collusion. They were told they were being offered information from the Russian government. They expressed a desire for that information. They acted on that information. They protected their sources. That’s collusion."

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