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‘You should fire your press person’: MSNBC’s Velshi and Ruhle obliterate Trump backer in insane interview

‘You should fire your press person’: MSNBC’s Velshi and Ruhle obliterate Trump backer in insane interview:

"Thomas replied that the economy is “doing very very well,” and he looks at the economy “long term.” “The number one catalyst that nobody is going to talk about—especially your show, and others like this—is the number one catalyst is the corporate tax,” Thomas said. “This is the market mover.” “You’re talking to two financial journalists,” Velshi replied, informing Thomas that the market “started going up on March 9, 2009.” “There is nothing Donald Trump has done to cause the market to be where it is,” Velshi said. “You guys keep peddling this myth that Donald Trump is responsible for this market,” Velshi later pressed. “Do you give Barack Obama credit?” “Right now, the commander in chief is Donald J. Trump,” Thomas replied. “And what we’re seeing now is job creation. Donald Trump has created over one million jobs” “Brad stop it, for heaven’s sake!” Velshi shot back, pointing out that Trump is “not even close to being the largest job creator in the first six months of his presidency.” “Why do you continue to say these things?” he asked. Thomas then went on a tangent about Trump being the “number on catalyst,” circling back to the debunked claim that Trump is creating jobs. “I’ve given you evidence that the job creation is not as good under President Trump as it was under President Obama, President Bush, President Clinton in the first six months of their office,” Velshi shot back. “But you just deny it and go on to say other things,” he continued. “Let’s talk about infrastructure, I can go down this road with you as well.” Velshi asked what about Trump’s executive order on permitting will help U.S. infrastructure, prompting Thomas to claim, “it’s just very complicated, and I know this is not your background.” “What are you talking about?” Velshi asked. “It’s far more our background than it is yours.” “You can’t just lie on TV, Brad,” he continued. “I don’t know if your people told you who you were coming on TV with but, you can’t lie about the economy to us"."

Donald Trump’s long history of racism, from the 1970s to 2017
"In fact, the very first time Trump appeared in the pages of the New York Times, back in the 1970s, was when the US Department of Justice sued him for racial discrimination. Since then, he has repeatedly appeared in newspaper pages across the world as he inspired more similar controversies. This long history is important. It would be one thing if Trump simply misspoke one or two times. But when you take all of Trump’s actions and comments together, a clear pattern emerges — one that suggests that bigotry is not just political opportunism on Trump’s part but a real element of Trump’s personality, character, and career."

The Comprehensive Timeline Of Donald Trump's History With Russia

It’s Time to Tell the Truth: Conservatives Have Lost Their Damn Minds
"What were once fairly calm, productive debates over political differences have become battles between reality vs. whatever preposterous nonsense Donald Trump, Fox News, or the rest of the conservative media has told them is true. Indisputable facts have become a “matter of opinion” or “liberal lies.” When reality proves too much for conservatives to ignore, many on the right have turned to conspiracies based on utter nonsense, pushed by sociopaths and con artists making themselves very rich by regurgitating fear, hate, and paranoia. Trump’s ascent to the top of the GOP has fully exposed the true nature of today’s conservatives and the party they support. Time after time he’d say or do something that most people would say, “Okay, that’s going to be what turns conservatives against him” — but it never did. In fact, the more deplorable Trump became, the more his support seemed to grow. He belittled POWs, attacked Gold Star parents, and was caught on video bragging about being a sexual predator, but it never deterred the vast majority of his supporters. Even as Trump’s said and done things that we all know conservatives and members of his own party would be having an absolute meltdown over had a Democrat done them, still, they made excuses for him. That’s all Trump supporters really do is make excuses for him. When the KKK, white nationalists, and Nazis descended upon Charlottesville, Virginia in a “unite the right rally,” a gathering which infamous white supremacist David Duke said was “fulfilling promises of Donald Trump,” his defenders made excuses. Then when Trump made his short, vague statement where he didn’t, specifically, call out the KKK, white nationalists, or Nazis — instead choosing to insinuate that all “sides” were at fault — his supporters made excuses."

John Oliver Excoriates Trump for Flunking the Most Basic Test of Political Leadership and Human Decency @alternet

John Oliver Excoriates Trump for Flunking the Most Basic Test of Political Leadership and Human Decency @alternet:

"At times like this, Oliver said, the U.S. calls for “true leadership from whoever is in the Oval Office. Unfortunately, the current occupant is [President Donald Trump] and even after a few hours to think about it,” the best he could do was a tepid response that blamed “many sides” for the violence and tiptoed around the feelings of the hateful right-wingers who invaded the normally quiet college town. “This was a white nationalist rally, you have to call that out by name,” Oliver said. “There honestly aren’t many instances in modern American politics where you can honestly think: That guy really should have mentioned the Nazis.” He said the situation amounts to a kind of reverse Godwin’s Law: “If you fail to mention Naziism, you lose the argument.” “What kind of f***ing idiot wouldn’t immediately distance himself from them?” Oliver said. “It simply doesn’t get easier than disavowing Nazis. It’s as much of a presidential gimme as pardoning a f*cking turkey. It is almost impossible to screw it up, but that’s exactly what happened"."

Lawrence: Donald Trump Responds To Barcelona Terror Attack With A Lie

Scott Pruitt is dismantling EPA in secret for the same reason the GOP health care bill was secret
"Pruitt is keeping his agenda as hidden as possible for the very same reasons Republicans in Congress tried to keep their recent health care bill a secret: virtually no one likes it and there’s not a coherent policy case to be made for it."

No Nazi Scumbags Allowed In The US Military

Despite White House Chaos, Trump Delivers Favors for Corporate America
"The Trump administration may be dazed and confused about many things, but not about its corporate agenda. From Scaramucci to Spicer, from Kelly to Kushner, one thing doesn’t change at Donald Trump’s chaotic White House: Its devotion to delivering for giant corporations at the public’s expense. During the campaign, Trump directed nearly as much venom toward major U.S. corporations as toward his opponents. He savaged Wall Street, badgered companies for manufacturing products outside of the U.S. and threatened them with onerous penalties. Trump singled out lobbyists who do the bidding of corporations by promising to “drain the swamp.” It was plain enough that Candidate Trump’s anti-industry shtick was bluster. But it wasn’t obvious that he would hand control of the government over to Corporate America. His billionaire cabinet is the most corporate in modern history and his sub-cabinet officials are worse. Trump immediately backtracked on his promise to crack down on lobbyists, choosing to staff his administration with them. Three dozen lobbyists are working for the administration in apparent violation of Trump’s vaunted ethics executive order on conflicts of interest; an additional 100 lobbyists have posts in the administration. While Trump has yet to deliver on Corporate America’s dream for a massive tax cut, he is rushing forward on their other top priority: slashing health, safety, environmental, consumer and other regulatory protections. Likewise, Trump turned to Goldman Sachs, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, OneWest Bank and numerous corporate law firms to fill key posts. The same pattern appears in agency after agency."

White Supremacists Don't Think They Have Power? Look at the Voting Laws in the States They Come From! @alternet

White Supremacists Don't Think They Have Power? Look at the Voting Laws in the States They Come From! @alternet:

"One of the first four people arrested was from Virginia. The others were from Ohio, Florida and Tennessee. Each of these states has been dominated by white Republicans this decade, who have methodically implemented racist election laws that gave them majority rule in state legislatures and their U.S. House delegations."

Donald Trump's Racial Attitudes Have Been No Secret

Captain Sully to Trump: You're Grounded @alternet

Captain Sully to Trump: You're Grounded @alternet:

"America's most famous airline pilot has shot down President Trump's proposal to privatize the nation's air traffic control system. “Our air traffic control system is the best and safest in the world," declares Captain Chesley Sullenberger in a new video produced by the Alliance for Aviation Across America. Sullenberger famously guided a crippled passenger jet to a safe water landing on the Hudson River in January 2009, a display of calm heroism that saved 155 lives and inspired a Hollywood movie. “Why would we give such an important and valuable national asset to the largest airlines, the same people who continue to make your airline seats smaller and closer together, who often put expedience and cost reduction ahead of the safety and the welfare of others in the long term?” Sullenberger asks. In early June, President Trump called for privatization of the air traffic control system as part of his so-called “infrastructure week.” Previous Republican proposals for privatization have stalled in Congress due to bipartisan opposition, and Trump’s endorsement did not improve its prospects."

There Was Another Right-Wing Terrorist Incident This Weekend
"Early this Saturday, a day most of the country spent watching the violence spilling over from white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville, a 23-year-old claiming to be a member of the Three Percenters militia named Jerry Drake Varnell was arrested as he tried to set off a truck bomb outside a bank in Oklahoma City. The bomb was supposed to be constructed of anhydrous ammonia, a chemical homage to Timothy McVeigh and the weapon he used to kill 168 people inside the Oklahoma City Federal Building in 1995. Varnell had prepared a bunker to be used after his bomb kicked off a war with Federal agents. “I’m out for blood,” he allegedly told an FBI informant. “When militias start forming I’m going after government officials"."

Lawrence: President Donald Trump Is The Divider In Chief

White Supremacist In Charlottesville Wearing 82nd Airborne Hat Gets Called Out... By 82nd Airborne
"The 82nd Airborne Division fought several campaigns against Nazi Germany during World War II. So after a man in a hat bearing the elite Army paratrooper unit’s insignia was pictured throwing a Ku Klux Klan salute (which resembles and is sometimes mistaken for a Nazi salute) during the weekend’s Charlottesville protests, the division delivered a pointed message."

Stephen Colbert Attempts To List Everything Trump Has Attacked Harder Than Nazis
"Colbert then launched into a full takedown of Trump’s tepid response to the violence... and then attempted to name many of the things the president has verbally attacked with more gusto than Nazis."

Frederick Douglass: How To Deal With 'Treacherous President'

Say His Name When You Denounce His Bigotry
"The racial gunpowder that the Republicans have been storing up since Harry Dent wrote a memo to Richard Nixon has finally found a bright orange fuse. It's not enough to deplore white supremacy from within the safety of your gerrymandered districts. It's time to distance yourselves from the president* who refuses to distance his presidency* from it, and from the policies that made that president* not merely possible, but inevitable."

Donald Trump Has Been a Racist All His Life — And He Isn’t Going to Change After Charlottesville
"Consider the first time the president’s name appeared on the front page of the New York Times, more than 40 years ago. “Major Landlord Accused of Antiblack Bias in City,” read the headline of the A1 piece on Oct. 16, 1973, which pointed out how Richard Nixon’s Department of Justice had sued the Trump family’s real estate company in federal court over alleged violations of the Fair Housing Act. “The government contended that Trump Management had refused to rent or negotiate rentals ‘because of race and color,’” the Times revealed. “It also charged that the company had required different rental terms and conditions because of race and that it had misrepresented to blacks that apartments were not available.” (Trump later settled with the government without accepting responsibility.) Over the next four decades, Trump burnished his reputation as a bigot: he was accused of ordering “all the black [employees] off the floor” of his Atlantic City casinos during his visits; claimed “laziness is a trait in blacks” and “not anything they can control”; requested Jews “in yarmulkes” replace his black accountants; told Bryan Gumbel that “a well-educated black has a tremendous advantage over a well-educated white in terms of the job market”; demanded the death penalty for a group of black and Latino teenagers accused of raping a jogger in Central Park (and, despite their later exoneration with the use of DNA evidence, has continued to insist they are guilty); suggested a Native American tribe “don’t look like Indians to me”; mocked Chinese and Japanese trade negotiators by doing an impression of them in broken English; described undocumented Mexican immigrants as “rapists”; compared Syrian refugees to “snakes”; defended two supporters who assaulted a homeless Latino man as “very passionate” people “who love this country”; pledged to ban a quarter of humanity from entering the United States; proposed a database to track American Muslims that he himself refused to distinguish from the Nazi registration of German Jews;"

Lawrence: What Donald Trump Doesn't Know About Robert E. Lee

Ex-CIA director Brennan pens emotional apology to Wolf Blitzer: ‘Trump put our collective futures at grave risk’

Ex-CIA director Brennan pens emotional apology to Wolf Blitzer: ‘Trump put our collective futures at grave risk’:

"Brennan saw the exchange and wrote a personal note on the, “unspeakable evil of Nazism,” which CNN has shared. “I just want to extend my sympathies not only for their deaths but also to you and your family–and countless others–for the pain inflicted today by the despicable words of Donald Trump. Mr. Trump’s words, and the beliefs they reflect, are a national disgrace, and all Americans of conscience need to repudiate his ugly and dangerous comments,” Brennan wrote. “If allowed to continue along this senseless path, Mr. Trump will do lasting harm to American society and to our standing in the world,” Brennan predicted. “By his words and his actions, Mr. Trump is putting our national security and our collective futures at grave risk"."

‘Patently false’: Newspaper rips Idaho GOPer for defending white nationalists as ‘people who love the Constitution’

‘Patently false’: Newspaper rips Idaho GOPer for defending white nationalists as ‘people who love the Constitution’:

"Controversial Idaho state Rep. Heather Scott defended white nationalists by claiming that racism is not part of the movement."

Trump Is Still Making Excuses for Nazis | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

Why Trump’s Charlottesville crisis is shocking but not surprising
"Trump has a ridiculously long history of public racism"

7 Things to Know About the Mindset of the Neo-Nazis @alternet

7 Things to Know About the Mindset of the Neo-Nazis @alternet:

"2. It’s not the economy, stupid. Producing articles about the economic anxiety that plagues Trump’s base has become a virtual cottage industry at certain media outlets. (I see you, New York Times.) That’s a good way of ginning up sympathy for Trump’s most fervent supporters—including the alt-right—but a bad way of getting to the truth of what truly motivates them. The short answer to that question is, racism and bigotry."

Trump And Charlottesville: Too Little, Too Late | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

Seth Meyers Takes Trump Apart in Emotional, Must-Watch Monologue @alternet

Seth Meyers Takes Trump Apart in Emotional, Must-Watch Monologue @alternet: 'He showed us again who he really is: a lying racist who’s desperate for praise.'

Trump campaign chair Carl Paladino finally ousted from school board for racist tirade against the Michelle Obama

Trump campaign chair Carl Paladino finally ousted from school board for racist tirade against the Michelle Obama:

"The decision came Thursday from State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia, who approved the request from the board that Paladino be removed from the system"

And The Alt-Right Survey Says... Racist!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why the GOP Sides With the Klan and the Nazis @alternet

Why the GOP Sides With the Klan and the Nazis @alternet:

"That the GOP would put America through all this racial and civil strife just to protect the interests of the few hundred billionaires and multi-millionaires who own them is mind-boggling."

Seth Meyers takes down Trump’s Charlottesville inaction with searing clarity
"with his opening statement on Charlottesville on Monday night, Meyers made it clearer than ever that he will let comedy take a back seat if the news demands some straightforward explanation, and he will not mince words when it comes to President Donald Trump."

‘Unite against fascism’: Fearless women battling ISIS memorialize Heather Heyer

‘Unite against fascism’: Fearless women battling ISIS memorialize Heather Heyer:

"The female members of the anti-ISIS YPG militia in Syria were already badass enough — but their response to the killing of Heather Heyer by neo-Nazi James Fields, Jr. solidified their status."

Donald Trump Remarks Aid White Supremacists' Political Ambitions

How Donald Trump emboldened Charlottesville white supremacists
"Trump has engaged in a disturbing courtship with the racist white nationalist movement and its media figures"

WATCH: White Supremacists March with Torches Chanting Hate Against Jews and People of Color in Virginia @alternet

WATCH: White Supremacists March with Torches Chanting Hate Against Jews and People of Color in Virginia @alternet:

"Chanting "blood and soil," "white lives matter" and "you will not replace us," scores of white nationalists holding torches marched across the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville on Friday night."

Bush-Era Ethics Czar Says Trump’s Far-Right Staffers Are to Blame for Charlottesville Riot: 'I Will Not Support Fascism' @alternet

Bush-Era Ethics Czar Says Trump’s Far-Right Staffers Are to Blame for Charlottesville Riot: 'I Will Not Support Fascism' @alternet:

“This is the face of fascism, this is Breitbart news,” declared former Bush era ethics czar Richard Painter.

Donald Trump Remarks On Racist Rally Force Moral Reckoning For GOP

‘It is personal’: Former ambassador to Russia emotionally defends patriotic US diplomats from Trump’s vitriol

‘It is personal’: Former ambassador to Russia emotionally defends patriotic US diplomats from Trump’s vitriol:

"The former United States ambassador to Russia got emotional on MSNBC when discussing President Donald Trump celebrating Russian President Vladimir Putin’s expulsion of 755 embassy employees."

Combative Trump Pulls His Punches for One Man: Putin
"Given Mr. Trump’s propensity to criticize just about anyone else, including members of his own staff, cabinet and party, his resolute refusal to say anything negative about Mr. Putin has only fueled suspicions about last year’s election. While Mr. Trump adamantly denies any collusion between his team and Russia during the campaign, an email sent to his son, Donald Trump Jr., last summer setting up a meeting with a Russian lawyer with Kremlin ties said the visit was “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump"."

Maddow: Racism Is 'A Persistent Infection' In White American Culture

Another fiduciary rule delay would cost retirement savers $10.9 billion over 30 years

Another fiduciary rule delay would cost retirement savers $10.9 billion over 30 years:

"The Trump administration’s Department of Labor is actively working to weaken or rescind the “fiduciary” rule (the rule that requires financial advisers to act in the best interest of their clients). The latest step in these efforts is a proposed 18 month delay of key provisions of the rule past their already-delayed implementation date of January 1st, 2018."

Report: the GOP in Indiana is making it harder for Democrats to vote
"An investigation by the Indianapolis Star has found that policies by state and local Republicans in Indiana have restricted voting in predominantly Democratic areas — while expanding voting access in Republican-held areas. At the heart of the controversy: early voting stations. The investigation found that in Hamilton county, a Republican-majority area, officials had added two additional early voting stations, bringing the number of stations to one for every 100,000 residents. However, in Marion County — a county that votes more Democratic, has a large African-American population, and includes Indianapolis, the state’s largest city — the Republican member of the election board has blocked additional stations and prevented the continuation of satellite sites that existed during the 2008 election (notably, when Barack Obama won the state.) Election boards in Indiana have three people — a Democrat, a Republican, and the county clerk — and, since 2001, any decision to expand early voting requires a unanimous vote. The Republican member of the Marion county board has repeatedly blocked efforts to expand early voting since 2010. In 2013, the Republican-controlled legislature passed a law (while Vice President Mike Pence was the governor) that specifically limited the processing of absentee ballots — which are used for early voting — to one site for counties with more than 325,000 people, without unanimous approval from the election board. In Marion, that meant one site for the more than 700,000 voters in the county."

Lawrence: Donald Trump Remains White Supremacists' Favorite Candidate

Corporations pay between 13 and 19 percent in federal taxes—far less than the 35 percent statutory tax rate

Corporations pay between 13 and 19 percent in federal taxes—far less than the 35 percent statutory tax rate:

"The corporate tax code is riddled with loopholes, most notably the deferral loophole which allows large multinational corporations to avoid paying their taxes indefinitely on profits they make offshore. And despite some recent claims to the contrary, a recent CBO report doesn’t overturn, but rather bolsters the research showing that corporations pay less than a 35 percent tax rate."

Mueller assembles growing team of legal all-stars, Trump has trouble keeping handful of also-rans
"The team members include Michael Dreeben, a Justice Department deputy solicitor general who has argued more than 100 cases before the Supreme Court; Andrew Weissmann, the chief of the Justice Department’s fraud section; James Quarles, who worked as an assistant special prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force; and Jeannie Rhee, a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Office of Legal Counsel who also came from WilmerHale. That’s just the tip of a still-growing iceberg. Mueller’s team just added its sixteenth attorney, almost all of them with deep knowledge on corruption and financial crimes."

When You Forget Your Klan Hood And The Internet Finds Out

There Are Two New Fronts in the War on Voting
"According to an analysis by The Indianapolis Star, the state's Republicans have systematically monkeywrenched their election system to advantage themselves and to disadvantage Democratic voters, particularly minority ones."

8 Ways Leading European Officials Perceive America's Big Embarrassment in the Oval Office @alternet

8 Ways Leading European Officials Perceive America's Big Embarrassment in the Oval Office @alternet:

"1. He’s obsessed with Barack Obama. Since the moment he launched his political career, Trump has shown an infatuation with his predecessor. He used the birther lie, including questioning Obama’s academic record, to build his base of likeminded racist conspiracists. Since then, he’s continued to invoke the former president at every opportunity, proving Obama is always on his mind. He hated that Obama’s inauguration crowds dwarfed his, tried to pretend the obsession was mutual with wiretapping charges, and has attempted to blame his many political failures on a man who is no longer in office. And you know he just hates that his approval ratings will never match Obama’s, as evidenced by his pathetic retweets of obscure polls that give him the popularity edge. European diplomats have noticed this sad tendency, with one telling Buzzfeed that Trump’s primary motivation seems to be undoing Obama’s legacy. “It’s his only real position,” a European diplomat told the site. “He will ask: ‘Did Obama approve this?’ And if the answer is affirmative, he will say: ‘We don’t.’ He won’t even want to listen to the arguments or have a debate. He is obsessed with Obama.” 2. He’s viewed as a verbally limited international joke. Throughout his European tour in May, Trump acted like he was raised in a (gold-plated) barn, proving his ignorance, boorishness and social ineptitude at every stop. He hand-wrestled with Emmanuel Macron, physically pushed Montenegro’s prime minister and earned derisive snickers from fellow world leaders. For this reason (though there are so many, many more), most Americans are embarrassed to have Trump as a leader.  At least one European diplomat told Buzzfeed Trump is seen as a joke at international meetups, mocked both for his general idiocy and his third-grade (or fourth- or fifth-grade, depending on who you ask) speaking skills, relying on five to 10 words kept in heavy rotation. “Everything is ‘great’, ‘very, very great’, ‘amazing’,” one diplomat said."

Families Mourn Charlottesville Victims

Denier-in-Chief Trump Should Read NOAA's Frightening New Climate Report
"With a climate denier in the Oval Office, a "fossil fuel puppet" heading the Environmental Protection Agency, and Big Oil lobbyists filling the ranks of secretive deregulatory teams, a new report by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) confirmed that 2016 was the hottest—and in some ways most alarming—year on record."

450 scientists present stunning rebuke of Trump’s climate science denial
"A massive new report by more than 450 scientists, confirms that the Earth warmed to a new record in 2016, driven by a record increase in carbon dioxide levels.  The 27th annual “State of the Climate” report, led by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), stands as the first comprehensive rebuke by the nation’s and world’s climate scientists to the presidency of Donald Trump."

Who Is White House Aide Sebastian Gorka?

‘He’s delusional – he’s paranoid’: Former GOP Sen. who switched parties demands Congress invoke the 25th

‘He’s delusional – he’s paranoid’: Former GOP Sen. who switched parties demands Congress invoke the 25th:

"When former Sen. Gordon Humphrey (I-NH) left the Republican Party he said it was because he couldn’t in good conscience be part of what President Donald Trump was doing to the United States, and indeed, the world."

New analysis shows sharp decline in environmental enforcement under Trump
"A new report from the Environmental Integrity Project charts how EPA enforcement has fallen in the Trump era."

Richard Painter: ‘This Is The Face Of Fascism In The U.S.’

Here’s what’s actually in Alex Jones’ miracle supplements
"Alex Jones isn’t just an “expert” conspiracy theorist, he’s an “expert” snake-oil salesman, too!"

Trump Is So Needy He Has Staff Prepare a Special Folder for Him Twice a Day @alternet

Trump Is So Needy He Has Staff Prepare a Special Folder for Him Twice a Day @alternet:

"Possibly the best part of this wonderful, hilarious, deeply terrifying story is that they have to do it twice a day. They can't just pop in each morning with a collection of news clippings that paint Donald in a positive light—they have to go in twice, because just once a day isn't enough. And augment it with tweets praising him. And printed-out pictures of himself."

Anti-Trump Site Under Seige From Justice Department

The Toxic Ideology at the Heart of Evangelicals' Alliance with the Republican Party @alternet

The Toxic Ideology at the Heart of Evangelicals' Alliance with the Republican Party @alternet:

"New research published in the Journal of Religion and Health suggests that Christian evangelical voters are more likely to support Donald Trump and the Republican Party because they have been conditioned by their religion to be irrational and thus inherently suspicious of empirical reality and reason."

European Officials Say That Unstable Trump Is Obsessed With Barack Obama
"They also believe Trump’s foreign policy is chiefly driven by an obsession with unravelling Barack Obama’s policies. “It’s his only real position,” one European diplomat said. “He will ask: ‘Did Obama approve this?’ And if the answer is affirmative, he will say: ‘We don’t.’ He won’t even want to listen to the arguments or have a debate. He is obsessed with Obama.” The officials also described meetings between Trump and other world leaders as useless because Trump doesn’t know anything, and all he does is bombard the world leader with questions about their GDP."

Trump Caught Stealing From The Middle Class To Pay For Corporate Tax Cuts

Saturday, August 12, 2017

‘Fight or die white man’: Confederacy advocates proclaim they intend to secede — again

‘Fight or die white man’: Confederacy advocates proclaim they intend to secede — again:

"The League of the South wants to secede again and restore the Confederate States of America, potentially triggering a second Civil War. The group has erected billboards that said “SECEDE” in several states, and it even has its own banner — a black and white version of the familiar Confederate battle flag, minus the stars,” the Associated Press reports. “Secession also finds support on some websites that support white nationalism, including Occidental Dissent, run by a Hill associate, and the openly racist, anti-Semitic Daily Stormer.” In a Facebook post titled, “fight or die white man,” League of the South President Michael Hill wrote, “what we Southern nationalist seek is nothing less than the complete reconquest and restoration of our patrimony–the whole, entire South. And that means the South will once again be in name and in actuality White Man’s Land"."

‘Any insinuations we are planning an invasion are baseless’: Pentagon shuts down Trump talk on Venezuela

‘Any insinuations we are planning an invasion are baseless’: Pentagon shuts down Trump talk on Venezuela:

"The Department of Defense issued a statement to CNN Pentagon Reporter Barbara Starr refuting President Donald Trump’s press conference Friday night."

Donald Trump Surprises By 'Not Ruling Out' Military Option In Venezuela

GOP Rep: Trump Shouldn’t Be Held Accountable for Campaign Promises (Video)
"In the end, this is what the Republican Party has been reduced to. Since they decided to sell their souls by backing the most dishonest, corrupt, and incompetent candidate to ever run for office, they’re now having to dismiss campaign promises as “metaphors” and “hyperbole” in a desperate attempt to avoid admitting that he’s a liar who never had a plan to accomplish anything he said he would."

That Time A Heritage Shill Tried To Give Trump Credit For The Economy | Crooks and Liars

That Time A Heritage Shill Tried To Give Trump Credit For The Economy | Crooks and Liars

"Just watch the whole thing. If you enjoy watching facts beat assertions, you'll enjoy this."

Donald Trump Incoherence On North Korea Risks Dangerous Miscommunication

Lyin' Ryan Lies Through 'Safe' Town Hall Meeting | Crooks and Liars

Lyin' Ryan Lies Through 'Safe' Town Hall Meeting | Crooks and Liars

"instead of having to deal with the general public, he holds "safe" town halls at select sites, like certain companies or even telephonic town halls, so that they can keep the commoners from confronting him with reality."

Tom Price is coming after Medicare, Obamacare under the guise of helping doctors
"Everything Price is doing to help out his old colleagues is almost certainly something that is going to undermine actual patient care or weaken Medicare. He's trying to do it retroactively, too, "reversing certain Medicare rules to ensure some physicians no longer face penalties they would otherwise have had to pay." He's doing it all unilaterally, in his own little kingdom. It's just one more way the Trump administration isn't just sabotaging Obamacare, but the whole health system."

Paul Manafort Changes Legal Team As Investigation Intensifies

We analyzed 17 months of Fox & Friends transcripts. It’s far weirder than state-run media.
"The hosts are basically telling Trump what they would do in this situation. They are covering the news by advising him. It's something the show's hosts and guests have done with far more frequency since Trump has been in office. An analysis of the show's transcripts reveal that about 8 to 9 percent of sentences before Trump's election were imperative sentences, which instruct or advise. In the first few months of his presidency, that number increased more than 50 percent."

Fox News’ Eric Bolling has been suspended pending investigation for sexual harassment: report

Fox News’ Eric Bolling has been suspended pending investigation for sexual harassment: report:

"The conservative anchor allegedly sent unsolicited “d**k pics” to three female colleagues — two at Fox Business and one at Fox News. The network has had a reoccurring problem with sexual harassment scandals and lawsuits."

Donald Trump Looks To Friends To Fill Important US Prosecutor Positions

Sen. Tammy Duckworth introduces legislation to protect immigrant vets from deportation
"Nearly 11,000 non-citizens currently serve in the U.S. military, according to the most recent data from the Immigration Policy Center. At least 119 immigrants posthumously earned their citizenship after dying in combat, including Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez, who was a formerly undocumented immigrant and among the first Americans to die in action in Iraq."

22 ways Sean Hannity has tried to undermine the Russia probes
"Here are 22 examples of Hannity ignoring facts, promoting falsehoods and conspiracies, and attempting to cast blame on others in order to defend, deflect, and downplay accusations that Trump's campaign colluded with Russia to interfere in the U.S election."

How The FBI Raid On Paul Manafort's Home Went Down

Secret Service leaves Trump Tower after feud with the president’s business over a lease: report

Secret Service leaves Trump Tower after feud with the president’s business over a lease: report:

Secret Service has left the building — literally, because Trump was trying to make money off of them

House Republican says Trump was just joking when he repeatedly vowed Mexico would pay for the wall
"Writing off serious (and seriously offensive) comments as jokes or metaphors has been a favorite tactic used by Trump and his surrogates."

Lawrence: Paul Manafort Raid Means 'Probable Cause' Crime Committed

Leaked transcripts offer a peek behind the Oval Office curtain
"Of course, in this case, Trump’s deal-making abilities involved pleading with a foreign president not to acknowledge reality, facing resistance, and not knowing what to do next. Trump seemed to realize that he’d painted himself into a corner by making promises he couldn’t keep, and he apparently expected the Mexican president to rescue him. In the same conversation, Trump told Pena Nieto, in reference to the addiction crisis, “Up in New Hampshire – I won New Hampshire because New Hampshire is a drug-infested den – is coming from the southern border.” It’s worth noting that Trump lost New Hampshire. Let’s also not forget that it’s not altogether normal for an American president to blast an American state to a foreign leader."

Donald Trump is on a lying binge and his press team is lying some more to cover up for him
"Donald Trump’s lying, and his White House’s insistence on pretending he’s not lying, should scare us. Trump keeps talking about phone calls in which important people tell him he’s wonderful, only to have those people deny that any such phone call ever happened. And he’s got press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on the job, denying that Trump lied."

We Cannot Have A President Under Investigation | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

Kushner subpoenaed for issuing green cards while the administration takes them away
"Federal prosecutors in New York subpoenaed the company of President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner late Wednesday over their use of the EB-5 federal visa program. The program issues green cards to immigrants who invest $500,000 in U.S.-based developments, 85 percent of which are Chinese. The irony of the subpoena is difficult to ignore. The Kushner family company is in trouble for essentially selling green cards at the same time the Trump administration is pushing a plan to curtail the number of green cards issued each year."

Pro-Trump outlet Sinclair is turning local news into Trump TV. Here's what it looks like.
"The latest Sinclair profiles often focus on the “Bottom Line with Boris” segments starring former Trump aide Boris Epshteyn, who is now employed as Sinclair’s chief political analyst. Epshteyn has been producing 60- to 90-second commentary segments several times a week since Sinclair hired him in April. Last month, Sinclair announced it would be upping Epshteyn’s segments from airing three times per week to nine. Employees at Sinclair stations across the country, from Seattle, WA, to Washington, D.C., are expressing concerns about the clearly conservative must-run segments pushed by Sinclair executives."

Donald Trump Bellicosity Is Frightening New Variable In North Korea Standoff

“Deadbeat-in-chief”: Samantha Bee takes on Donald Trump and the GOP’s plan to sabotage Obamacare
"For years, Obamacare opponents have taken drastic steps to sabotage the current health care system. From filing countless lawsuits to attaching riders to random, non-health care related bills, Republicans have been steadfast in their efforts to sabotage Obamacare."

There’s One Thing That Infuriates Me More Than Anything Else About Trump and Most Republicans
"We’re witnessing firsthand possibly the most irresponsible, corrupt, and incompetent administration to ever preside over a major nation — yet Trump and the majority of Republicans are acting like this is all normal."

Lawrence Wilkerson: Donald Trump Acting Like He's Negotiating A Casino Deal

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says It’s Not ‘Appropriate To Lie,’ But ...
"Sanders’ job is to defend President Donald Trump’s actions, and defend she does. But despite her saying that her job is to “communicate the president’s agenda” and “answer questions as honestly” as she can, Sanders has a history of not doing that with complete truth."

Stephen Miller attacks Statue of Liberty poem, echoing popular white nationalist talking point
"Stormfront, a popular website among white supremacists that boasts the tagline, “Every month is White history month,” has a numerous discussion threads on the topic"

Monster Trump Doubles Down On Genocidal Nuclear Threats

Amid Trump's Chilling War on Media, Press Freedom Groups Expose Threats to US Journalists
"The Committee to Protect Journalists and the Freedom of the Press Foundation are among more than 20 groups partnering to introduce a new website which tracks threats to press freedom in the United States. The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker launched Wednesday to gather data on arrests of journalists, physical attacks on reporters, equipment searches and seizures, prosecutions of the legal spreading of information (recently denounced as "leaks" by the Trump administration), and other threats to the free press. So far in 2017, the site has tracked 19 arrests of journalists; 12 equipment searches and seizures; 11 physical attacks; and four cases of journalists who were detained, questioned, or denied entry at borders. "With the Trump administration ramping up its war on journalism, this initiative could not come at a more important time," Trevor Timm, executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, said. "We hope it will be vital to highlighting the threats to press freedom in the U.S. and the important work journalists do to hold the government accountable." In an interview with ABC News, the new website's managing editor, Peter Sterne, noted that American concerns over press freedom have historically been focused on other countries. "The U.S. is often seen as a beacon of press freedom in the world," he said. "When freedom of the press in the U.S. is weakened, that has an effect around the world where other countries feel more emboldened to crack down on their own journalists"."

11 Batty Quotes from Trump's Latest Interview That Will Make You Disgusted He's President All Over Again @alternet

11 Batty Quotes from Trump's Latest Interview That Will Make You Disgusted He's President All Over Again @alternet:

"On Tuesday, Politico published what the Wall Street Journal wouldn't: a full transcript of the newspaper's interview with Donald Trump. The Rupert Murdoch-run outlet knew what it was doing. Missing from the Journal's piece were indications of a certain familiarity between the Trump family and Editor-in-Chief Gerald Baker. In the past, Baker and the Journal have taken hits for going too soft on the Trumps. (In January, Baker announced the paper would never refer to Trump falsehoods as “lies” because it would imply “a deliberate intent to mislead.”) The transcript isn't likely to mitigate those accusations. As with every setting in which Trump is allowed to ramble freely, the exchange is filled with the absurd self-aggrandizement, specious reasoning, and lies galore we've come to expect from the president."

Trump's PC Police Purging The Term 'Climate Change'

Trump didn't lie about the Boy Scouts calling him when he lied about the Boy Scouts calling him
"Here’s White House propaganda minister Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying a lie isn’t a lie if you lie that it’s not a lie. By the way, she’s lying."

These 21 facts explain exactly who Stephen Miller is — and why the Trump mouthpiece does what he does

These 21 facts explain exactly who Stephen Miller is — and why the Trump mouthpiece does what he does:

"He’s been writing racist, anti-immigrant rants for half his life and he’s only 31. He’s worked for some of the most deplorable U.S. politicians out there, only to become the voice for the worst of all. By all accounts, he is as terrible—and dangerous—as he seems, which is why he’s no laughing matter. And in that way, he is exactly like his boss."

Trump Is Using The Government To Get Even Wealthier – And We Don’t Know The Extent Of It

30-Year EPA Veteran Writes Farewell Letter, Warns of Environmental Catastrophe Under Pruitt @alternet

30-Year EPA Veteran Writes Farewell Letter, Warns of Environmental Catastrophe Under Pruitt @alternet:

"A 30-year U.S. Environmental Protection Agency senior official is leaving federal service today convinced that her agency is being steered in a disastrously wrong direction, according to her farewell message posted today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). She is an eyewitness to the wreckage wreaked by Administrator Scott Pruitt and his cadre of political appointees."

The Cronies Behind the Energy Industry's Deliberate Misinformation Campaigns @alternet

The Cronies Behind the Energy Industry's Deliberate Misinformation Campaigns @alternet:

"Tillerson, his predecessor Lee Raymond, and their cronies knew the truth about the fate of the planet. And yet they lied, and they paid others to lie. They lied as global temperatures began rising at record rates. They lied as droughts and wildfires swept across the American West, and as California started running out of water. They lied as tornadoes and hurricanes and snowfall levels intensified in unprecedented ways. They lied as thousands died in European heat waves, and thousands more perished in Asian floods. They lied as Greenland’s ice turned liquid, and sea levels began to rise two-and-a-half times faster than anyone thought possible, and the oceans became increasingly acidic and filled with disease-causing bacteria. They lied and sacrificed future generations for their short-term profits."

Former DOJ Civil Rights Head: Jeff Sessions Is Implementing an Anti-Civil Rights Agenda

The Trump Administration Has Begun Censoring Use of the Term 'Climate Change' @alternet

The Trump Administration Has Begun Censoring Use of the Term 'Climate Change' @alternet:

"New emails indicate the USDA has been directed not to acknowledge the dangers of global warming."

We Would Need 1.7 Earths to Sustain Humanity's Current Rate of Resource Consumption @alternet

We Would Need 1.7 Earths to Sustain Humanity's Current Rate of Resource Consumption @alternet:

"We're overfishing, overharvesting forests and emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than natural sinks like forests can sequester."

Government Scientists Leak Climate Change Report Before Trump Can Get His Hands On It

$100 million a month in weed sales is the new normal in Colorado
"Marijuana sales in Colorado are soaring. The state, which legalized adult pot use in 2014, achieved a milestone in May, when pot sales topped $100 million for the 12th consecutive month, according to a Thursday report by marijuana news site The Cannabist.  Colorado sold over $127.7 million worth of cannabis flower, edible products and concentrates in May, according to The Cannabist’s analysis of the state’s marijuana tax data. More than $35.7 million of sales stemmed from medical marijuana purchases, and recreational-use items generated $90.1 million in sales.  Bethany Gomez, director of research for marijuana market research firm Brightfield Group, told the site that hitting the $100 million mark has become “the new norm” in Colorado, with some $1.4 billion in sales between May 2016 and May 2017. During that time, Colorado racked up over $233 million in taxes and license fees."

The Cutting Edge of Marijuana Medical Research Will Leave You Wondering What It Can't Help Cure @alternet

The Cutting Edge of Marijuana Medical Research Will Leave You Wondering What It Can't Help Cure @alternet:

"New findings highlight CBD’s therapeutic potential for cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, and other disorders."

Crime Task Force Report Leaves Sessions Without Ammo in His War on Weed @alternet

Crime Task Force Report Leaves Sessions Without Ammo in His War on Weed @alternet:

"His own hand-picked task force found no change needed for marijuana enforcement."

The War On Weed Is Stupid And Ancient

Blowing Up the Big Marijuana IQ Myth—The Science Points to Zero Effect on Your Smarts @alternet

Blowing Up the Big Marijuana IQ Myth—The Science Points to Zero Effect on Your Smarts @alternet:

"Debunking one of the oldest theories about cannabis."

Did Boy Scouts Call Trump To Say 'Speech Was Greatest Ever'? No | Crooks and Liars

Did Boy Scouts Call Trump To Say 'Speech Was Greatest Ever'? No | Crooks and Liars

"The Boy Scouts responded to Trump's lie, "We are unaware of any such call." Neither of the organization's two top leaders — President Randall Stephenson and Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh — had placed such a call, the Scouts said." Trump wasn't done lying about fictitious phone calls though. He says he received a call from the Mexican president, congratulating him on his border wall, which Enrique Pena Nieto has refuted."

Meet the Senior Federal Official Blowing the Whistle on Trump's Suppression of Climate Science

Fox & Friends Lies: Inflates Stock Market Gains Under Trump | Crooks and Liars

Fox & Friends Lies: Inflates Stock Market Gains Under Trump | Crooks and Liars

"Reality check: On January, 20th 2017, the DOW closed at 19,827.25. Which rounded up would be 20,000. That's a far cry from the 16,000 Morris claimed it was at the time of Trump's inauguration. Why the lies? It's very simple. They are all trying to cover for Trump's nightmare first six months as president by taking credit for Obama's job creation and market growth. I've talked with a high-level Wall Street analysis/money manager who told me the belief on The Street was that even Trump couldn't slow the stock market run when he took office so they were all calm and poised to continue as if they Obama was still in office. When President Obama won the presidency, during the global financial collapse, the DOW bottomed out: "The Dow climbed to 9,034.69 on January 2, 2009, before screeching down to 6,594.44 on March 5, 2009. As the market climbed its way back, the stock market TV propaganda arm (CNBC/FBN) of the GOP constantly attacked the growth as phony and predicted a catastrophe based on high inflation, the FED -- you name it. When jobs began to come back they then cited newly created stats to cancel out the gains and attacked the unemployment numbers that we've used for decades as fraudulent. During the campaign, Trump called Obama's under 5% unemployment rate a sham and even said unemployment was as high as 42 %. "Don’t believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9 and 5 percent unemployment. The number is probably 28-29 as high as 35. In fact, I even heard recently the number may be as high as 42%. Do you think we’d have a gathering like? If we had 5% unemployment, do you think we’d have gatherings like this?,” Trump said. Now, of course, they are reveling in the numbers they attacked Obama for. Liars and hypocrites, all of them."

State Department won't take money to fight Russian propaganda ... because Russia might get mad
"By this logic, the U.S. better not try to stop Russia from straight-up hacking our 2018 elections—it might make them mad."

Bush Ethics Chief: Taxpayer Waste On Trump Will ‘Destroy’ GOP

Trump makes up 2 phone calls in one week
"The man who popularized the term “many people are saying” has developed a new way to concoct support for his dubious claims. But this one is even easier to debunk. In the past week, President Trump has apparently made up two phone calls during which he claims officials called the White House to offer him praise."

Trump is about to make America much crueler to unionized workers
"Since Election Day, unions have lived on borrowed time. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which has exclusive authority over many key questions of labor law, is still controlled by Democrats — thus shielding workers and their unions from attacks that became far likelier the moment Donald Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 election."

Donald Trump Pays A Staffer To Give Him Folder Of Happy Pro-Trump Stories Each Day

After Russians Buy A President, Trump And Tillerson Refuse To Counter Putin Propaganda
"Given the close relationship that Tillerson and Putin share, it is most likely that he is helping his friend Vlad out by not challenging Russian propaganda. The evidence of this administration’s submission to Russia is everywhere. Trump refuses to admit that the Russians interfered in the election. Trump has not done anything to punish Russia for election interference. The White House tried to kill the Russia sanctions bill that Congress overwhelmingly passed. Trump has shown no interest in standing up to Russia around the world, and now, and administration that owes its victory to Putin refuses to counter Russian propaganda. It all adds up to a president who ran on making America great, but is owned by Russia."

Tillerson rejects $80 million to fight Russian and ISIS propaganda — and his reasons are alarming

Tillerson rejects $80 million to fight Russian and ISIS propaganda — and his reasons are alarming:

"President Barack Obama expanded the unit’s mission at the end of his term after intelligence agencies concluded Russia had flooded social media with fake news and phony Twitter accounts to influence the 2016 elections, and lawmakers from both parties want a stronger U.S. response. President Donald Trump wants to cut State Department funding, so Tillerson is trying to spend less of it — not more. “They use the reorganization as an excuse to not act on anything,” one former State official told Politico. “That’s why people doubt the motivations of the reorganization. They think it’s all about starving the beast.” But a former senior State Department official told Politico that Tillerson aide R.C. Hammond suggested the secretary of state doesn’t want to fully fund the unit for fear of angering Putin. Tillerson, the former CEO of ExxonMobil, was awarded the Russian Order of Friendship from Putin after signing deals with the state-owned Russian oil company Rosneft."

Trump Needs A News Fluffer

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump
"the timeline has grown from 24 entries to more than 400 — and the saga is far from over."

Why on Earth Is Trump Attacking Nation's Nursing Home Population?
"the effort to roll back protections from some of society's most vulnerable people is just part of "a disturbing trend of the Trump administration attempting to reverse critical protections against forced arbitration," which prevents individuals or groups of people from filing lawsuits or seeking damages for fraud, abuse, neglect, medical malpractice and other forms of wrongdoing. As Jason P. Steed, an appellate lawyer, kindly translated on Twitter: "Translation: Trump Admin making it easier for nursing homes to abuse elderly and not be held accountable for it." With Monday the last day for the public to weigh in on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposal to ditch an Obama-era rule prohibiting use of forced arbitration "ripoff clauses" in nursing home admission agreements, lawmakers and advocacy groups are trying to draw attention to the effort and also filing official objections to the rule with the agency."

Trump Just Helped Prove How Fake His Twitter Following Is @alternet

Trump Just Helped Prove How Fake His Twitter Following Is @alternet:

"Like pretty much everything else about his presidency, Donald Trump’s Twitter following is a lie. His social media fan base is mostly made of fake accounts; his legion of followers overwhelmingly comprised of automated bots. This weekend, Trump inadvertently reminded us how phony his social media popularity is when he shined a light on what he erroneously believed was an adoring supporter. That Trump booster turned out be a Twitter bot—just one of the millions of fake accounts that exist solely to bolster the popularity of the most unpopular president in American history. On the heels of the president basically catfishing himself, Twitter has since suspended the fake account and a slew of others just like it."

Donald Trump makes his money the old-fashioned way—he launders it
"As oligarchs secured their control over former Soviet states and learned to suppress opposition to their monopolized industries, the money they were raking in was growing by leaps and bounds. But turning that money into US assets was not keeping up. They needed a new route. Many oligarchs had already started turning to real estate as the primary means of shifting funds. Real estate laws in the United States offer unparalleled flexibility and freedom from reporting. The value of real estate is all but arbitrary, so developers could post any price they wanted on a luxury condo, mansion, or even entire building. If someone will pay $100 million for a home in Florida … then the home is worth $100 million. Even if it was listed for a third of that the day before. And shell companies hadn’t completely lost their worth. Real estate developers could collect massive over payments from offshore sources, then turn around and feed that money back into “partnerships” and other arrangements. In a very real sense, the real estate developers stepped in to take the place of banks once regulators were watching banks. They were bringing in funds for a fee. The real estate itself was almost an afterthought. The shift from shell-companies to real estate as the means of moving funds came barely in time for Donald Trump. Trump was already bleeding from a string of bad decisions that left him with with a cascade of bankruptcies and a $916 million loss on his 1995 taxes. Trump’s massive Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City opened in 1990, but proved to be a disaster from before opening day. Within a year of its founding, Trump required an extra infusion of over $3 million from his father to keep the doors open — a jolt of ready cash delivered in the form of an illegal loan for which Trump later had to pay a fine. Even that wasn’t enough to keep the Taj Mahal from having to reorganize under Chapter 11 by July 1991. With his bid to monopolize Atlantic City failing, Trump was forced to declare bankruptcy at his two other casinos in 1992."

Wall Street Fines Down 66% Under Trump's Goldman Sachs-Filled Administration
"Since taking office in January, President Donald Trump has chosen ex-Goldman Sachs bankers to fill several key positions within his administration. According to a Wall Street Journal analysis published Sunday, it appears that the nation's largest financial institutions are benefiting greatly from having their friends in government. "Wall Street regulators have imposed far lower penalties in the first six months of Donald Trump's presidency than they did during the first six months of 2016, a comparable period in the Obama administration," the Journal reported. Throughout his campaign for the presidency, Trump promised to loosen regulations on big banks by dismantling Dodd-Frank, which was established following the financial crisis of 2008. But the Journal's report indicates that the Trump team has found another way to ease up on Wall Street: namely, by not levying hefty fines for wrongdoing."

How Sinclair Broadcast Group Made Local News Pro-Trump

Here is why the obstruction case against Trump could be even stronger than we think

Here is why the obstruction case against Trump could be even stronger than we think:

"As many as ten of the nation’s top law enforcement officials could be questioned about the case. Notes taken by the officials are also likely to be used as evidence."

Tweet first, read later: Trump shares article blaming his policies for health care price increases
"the story, published Tuesday, makes clear that the Trump administration’s attempts to sabotage Obamacare are the primary culprit."

Donald Trump Exploits Loophole To Hire Foreign Workers At Mar-A-Lago

Somebody in the White House Thought We Needed to Know This Stuff. Remember That.
"Before we go into how doomed we are as a species because of this guy, let's ponder the fact of what a blessed sieve this White House is."

A Chilling Theory on Trump’s Nonstop Lies
"Trump’s chronic duplicity may be pathological, as some experts have suggested. But what else might be going on here? In fact, the 45th president’s stream of lies echoes a contemporary form of Russian propaganda known as the “Firehose of Falsehood"."

Lawrence On GOP & Birtherism Regrets: 'Better Late Than Never'

‘U need 2 work on your begging skills’: Internet rips Trump’s pathetic wall plea to Mexican president

‘U need 2 work on your begging skills’: Internet rips Trump’s pathetic wall plea to Mexican president:

"After leaked transcripts revealed that President Donald Trump begged Mexican President Peña Nieto to stop saying that Mexico won’t pay for Trump’s border wall, Twitter exploded in mockery and disgust."

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be White Supremacists | Crooks and Liars

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be White Supremacists | Crooks and Liars

"The last two days should be recorded for historical purposes to teach future generations what happens when we don't learn our history and we allow white supremacists to grow in the dark."

China Leaving United States Behind On Green Energy Jobs

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tangled web connects Russian oligarch money to GOP campaigns
"Party loyalty is often cited as the reason that GOP leaders have not been more outspoken in their criticism of President Donald Trump and his refusal to condemn Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. Yet there may be another reason that top Republicans have not been more vocal in their condemnation. Perhaps it's because they have their own links to the Russian oligarchy that they would prefer go unnoticed."

Why the Scariest Nuclear Threat May Be Coming from Inside the White House
"Donald Trump’s secretary of energy, Rick Perry, once campaigned to abolish the $30 billion agency that he now runs, which oversees everything from our nuclear arsenal to the electrical grid. The department’s budget is now on the chopping block. But does anyone in the White House really understand what the Department of Energy actually does? And what a horrible risk it would be to ignore its extraordinary, life-or-death responsibilities?"

As the Russia scandal intensifies, Trump moves the goalposts
"The original line from Trump World was that Russia didn’t intervene in the American election. When that position was no longer sustainable, Trump and his team said Russia may have intervened, but no one from the Republican campaign was in communications with Russia during the foreign adversary’s espionage operation. When that line was discredited, Trump World changed gears again, saying members of Trump’s team may have connected with Putin’s government during the attack, but there was no collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign. After this was also proven to be wrong – top members of Trump’s inner circle met with a Kremlin-linked lawyer in order to receive campaign assistance from Putin’s government – the president delivered a new line to a supportive West Virginia audience last night."

Lawrence: If Subpoenaed By Grand Jury, Will Donald Trump Take The Fifth?

“The opposite of Teddy Roosevelt”: Donald Trump’s leaked transcripts have made him an international laughingstock
"The fallout from leaked transcripts of Donald Trump’s phone calls from two world leaders — Australia and Mexico — hasn’t just been limited to New Hampshire, which the president described as a “drug-infested den.” Internationally, diplomats saw the transcripts.  And they laughed."

Trump’s State Deptartment finds new ways to make Russia happy
"The article added that R.C. Hammond, a Tillerson aide, “suggested the money is unwelcome because any extra funding for programs to counter Russian media influence would anger Moscow, according to a former senior State Department official.” By this reasoning, the U.S. Secretary of State has made a conscious decision not to counter Russian disinformation because he believes Russia wouldn’t like it."

Robert Mueller Takes Next Step In Donald Trump Russia Probe

Donald Trump’s Pick For Key Bank Regulator Is A Foreclosure Kingpin, Of Course
"President Donald Trump’s choice to lead a key bank regulation agency spent the first half of this decade running a bank that illegally foreclosed on hundreds of thousands of Americans, often using forged and fraudulent documents."

Does a Serial Liar Become Truthful Under Oath?
"does a serial liar become truthful when placed under oath? Perhaps Trump’s previously sworn answers to questions about Felix Sater offer a clue. As special counsel Robert Mueller “follows the money” from Russia to Trump and his associates, Sater could be someone to watch."

The Triumph of the Idiocracy: How Narcissism, Stupidity and the Internet Got Us Donald Trump, an Accidental President @alternet

The Triumph of the Idiocracy: How Narcissism, Stupidity and the Internet Got Us Donald Trump, an Accidental President @alternet:

"Trump is America’s fool-king, proudly ignorant and a living example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Trump’s supporters appear to be in love with him. They worship him as though he were their personal road to salvation and happiness. Trump’s voters were seduced by "fake news" and all too easily manipulated by Russian agents operating on the internet. Trump’s idiocracy did not blossom overnight. The seeds were planted over decades. They grew and flourished in the right-wing echo chamber provided by Fox News and other media outlets. Researchers have shown that people who consume Fox News programming actually know less about current events than people who do not watch any news programs at all. Shorter version: Fox actually makes its audience stupider. This points to a broader phenomenon. In America, today’s conservatives (as a group and an ideological movement) hold science, empirical reality, intelligence, education and expertise in disdain."

Lawrence: Donald Trump Begged Mexico For Help On The Wall

Five Lies That Are Ricocheting Around the Right-Wing Media Bubble
"Spend enough time on the comments sections of the right-wing internet, and the significant number of people who hold beliefs based on completely false premises will become all too apparent. In this world, fact checks and hard evidence are all too easily flicked away with accusations of liberal bias, making civil discourse increasingly hostile and polarized at the expense of truth. That’s because these audiences have been trapped under a tight bubble right-wing media has built, an ecosystem that makes it hard for truth to seep in, while lies ricochet endlessly inside. The bubble holds strong because it’s sustained on the tired trope that the mainstream media is hiding liberal biases under a mask of objectivity. President Donald Trump has taken this worn-out concept to dangerous levels by constantly undermining and antagonizing media outlets that he deems critical of him. Trump’s war on the press has invigorated unscrupulous smear merchants and power-hungry zealots in control of messaging within the bubble to suggest they are an honest alternative to mainstream media — honest in that they openly acknowledge their right-wing bias — and present themselves as a solution to a fabricated problem. And the bubble becomes increasingly impenetrable by design; the tighter its grip grows over audiences, the more power its purveyors can trade to a political establishment that both needs the bubble for its survival and fears its influence."

Trump can't be left alone, so his generals hatched a plan to keep tabs on him: report
"President Donald Trump can’t be left alone to make decisions regarding matters of national security—at least, that is reportedly the view of his new chief of staff, John Kelly, and of his defense secretary, James Mattis. The two military men, who Trump affectionately refers to as "my generals," hatched a plan during the initial months of his presidency to ensure he wasn’t left alone while in the U.S., the Associated Press reported Tuesday. Kelly and Mattis agreed to schedule their travel arrangements so at least one of them could be physically accessible to the new president at all times, an official with knowledge of the pact said."

Lawrence: Why Is Donald Trump So Afraid Of Vladimir Putin?

The Latest Sneaky Attempt to Increase Corporate Political Power
"It’s a tried and true strategy of the wealthy and their legislative allies, and, while Donald Trump’s destructive antics continue to hold America’s attention with the same unyielding grip he uses on foreign dignitaries’ hands, there are a lot of boring things ambling through Congress with corporate favors crammed deep inside. And so it is with the House’s appropriations bill, which includes riders that would further pare back campaign finance rules that have already been decimated over the last decade, in large part through Supreme Court decisions such as Citizens United and McCutcheon v. FEC. These rulings and a Congress hell-bent on deregulating the campaign finance system has lead to increasingly expensive elections, with the money that helps candidates win often pouring in from anonymous interests. Watchdog groups and journalists call these billions from shadowy sources “dark money.” The riders attached to the appropriations bill take aim at how the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Federal Election Commission (FEC) enforce campaign finance law. In the case of the two aimed at the IRS and the SEC, Republicans are seeking to keep the agency from increasing transparency. The politicians behind these measures want to make sure the IRS never cracks down on the wealthy interest that are anonymously passing money through tax exempt non profit groups — groups that are only allowed to hide the names of their donors under the assumption that they won’t get involved in politics. This is a clear flouting of tax law, but the IRS has been slow to act — and one of these riders aims to ensure that it never will. The SEC-related rider would make sure that that agency — Washington’s top cop on the financial beat — never forces corporations to disclose to their shareholders when they are using their money to fund political candidates or causes."

Rex Tillerson Fears Moscow Anger Over Counter-Propaganda Initiative

In 'Latest Attempt to Distort Democracy,' Koch Brothers Bolster GOP Tax Cut Efforts
"The GOP is attempting to "slash our Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, and other vital services American families depend on—all to put more money into the already substantial tax breaks enjoyed by profitable corporations, millionaires, and billionaires," said Susan Harley, deputy director of Public Citizen's Congress Watch division."

Senior EPA official resigns with scathing message for Trump and Pruitt
"Southerland noted that Pruitt has already begun repealing 30 existing environmental regulations, like the Clean Power Plan, the Clean Water Rule, and a rule requiring stricter emissions monitoring for oil and gas operations on federal lands."

Lawrence: Donald Trump Making 'Increasingly Incoherent' Russia Statements

Trump isn’t letting Obamacare die; he’s trying to kill it
"From the get-go, the Trump Administration quickly sought to impair the success of the Affordable Care Act. In one of its first moves, the Department of Health and Human Services under the direction of Secretary Tom Price pulled advertising for the federal government’s enrollment entity, The advertising has proven important to reach 18 to 34-years-olds. Enrolling these “young invincibles” is crucial for stabilizing risk pools because they are generally healthier and seek less medical care. States running independent campaigns, like California and its insurance marketplace Covered California, have been very successful in recruiting young people. In an ironic twist, the Trump Administration used advertising funding intended for the promotion of the Affordable Care Act for a series of social media promotions attacking the law. Also, in mid-July, the Administration moved to end contracts for enrollment assistance in 18 major cities. Contractors helped individuals navigate the often challenging enrollment process in such places as libraries, businesses and urban neighborhoods in these cities which had been identified by the Obama Administration as high priority. Finally, the window for the next open enrollment period has been cut in half compared to previous years, thus making it difficult for time-pressed people and those who need enrollment help to enroll. Many of these actions have triggered calls for inquiries into potential malfeasance by Congress and the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Trump Administration officials have been actively traveling the country and pushing talking points that are often false, or, at the very least, highly misleading and incomplete."

On Iran, Trump wants to start with the answer, then work backwards
"It’s important to understand that Trump, presented with evidence of a successful American policy, is furious – because he wants and expects the policy to fail. Last week, when it came time to recertify the provisions of the deal, Trump reportedly wanted his team to present him with a rationale for abandoning the international agreement. When reality interfered, and that wasn’t one of his options, the president reportedly “had a bit of a meltdown.” It’s a fascinating peek into how the amateur president’s mind works. He desperately wants to believe the agreement isn’t working, and when the facts point in a direction that makes him uncomfortable, Trump assumes the facts must be wrong – because his assumptions must be right."

New Evidence Of Donald Trump's 'Corrupt Intent To Impede Investigation'?

Fascism and the Denial of Truth: What Henry Wallace Can Teach Us About Trump
"In response, Wallace wrote "The Danger of American Fascism," an essay in which he suggested that the number of American fascists and the threat they posed were directly connected to how fascism was defined. Wallace pointed out that several personality traits characterized fascist belief, arguing that a fascist is "one whose lust for money and power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends." Wallace also claimed that fascists "always and everywhere can be identified by their appeal to prejudice and by the desire to play upon the fears and vanities of different groups in order to gain power." Fascists are "easily recognized by their deliberate perversion of truth and fact" (my italics), he contended. Moreover, Wallace noted that fascists "pay lip service to democracy and the common welfare" and they "surreptitiously evade the laws designed to safeguard the public from monopolistic extortion." Finally, Wallace identified that fascists' primary objective was to "capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously, they keep the common man in eternal subjection." Wallace was writing in the context of an existential threat to democracy posed by Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan. However, his essay is prescient in that he identified the existence of a domestic form of American fascism that emerged from the political context of enlightened thought, rule of law and limited government. Wallace drew a clear distinction between European fascism and the kind of fascism found in the United States. Rather than resort to overt violence, American fascists would "poison the channels of public information," Wallace reasoned."

Donald Trump DoJ To Attack Affirmative Action In College Admissions: NYT

An email prankster pretending to be Reince Priebus got a very real rise out of Anthony Scaramucci
"On Monday, CNN reported that several White House officials including former communications director Anthony Scaramucci and Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert were tricked into corresponding with a UK-based, self-described "email prankster." This report comes just days after it was revealed that US Energy Secretary Rick Perry unwittingly spoke to Russian jokesters about energy policy."

WATCH: President Trump’s lawyer caught lying about Trump’s involvement in Russia meeting coverup
"Sekulow’s Meet the Press comments may have been intended to insulate the president from involvement in Trump Jr.’s efforts to collude with Russia."