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Russia Side Of Donald Trump Scandal About Sanctions

The GOP Tax Scam: Naming the Culprits
"It took quite a conspiracy of lies and mendacity to drive tax cuts for the superrich and giant corporations through both houses of Congress. The tax scam is no done deal – House and Senate negotiators must still agree on a single package, and that package must win approval in both houses. Given the narrowness of the margins for approval in both the Senate and House, and the significant differences between the bills each passed, the entire effort may still collapse – especially if the public grasps what’s at stake and mobilizes. But the uncertainty over the ultimate fate of the tax cut is no reason to delay identifying the culprits. Each and every person who had a hand in crafting and passing these proposals for monstrous transfers of wealth to the superrich must be held accountable. Some of the conspirators merit special attention"

Republicans Are Looting the Treasury While They Still Can
"They know a backlash is coming, and they’re making the most of their power while they have it."

Eric Swalwell: Donald Trump Jr.'s Attorney-Client Privilege Claim 'Bogus'

Two Top Republican Tax Writers Reveal Their Prejudice and Their Strategy
"It’s awful enough for Grassley to spout such ignorance. But the worse crime was to embed it in tax policy. Turning to Hatch’s statement, I cannot state the following adamantly enough: Because they have used the deficit to pay for a tax cut that blatantly favors the rich over the rest, Republicans have forfeited their ability to tell us what we can and can’t afford. Of course, they will continue to make that argument, as Hatch himself has, along with many of his colleagues. But do not forget this: They could have made their tax plan revenue-neutral. They decided not to, and they further decided, based on their revealed preferences, that the parts that help middle- and low-income families should expire, while those that help the rich should live on forever (see figure above)."

Donald Trump Is Waging War on Reality, and Reality Is Losing @alternet

Donald Trump Is Waging War on Reality, and Reality Is Losing @alternet:

"His relentless lying isn't a distraction or a sign of mental illness—it's his historical mission."

BOMBSHELL: Mike Flynn Pleads Guilty, Will Cooperate With Mueller

Net Neutrality RIP: Essential Parts of America's DNA—Independence and Privacy—Are About to Be Destroyed @alternet

Net Neutrality RIP: Essential Parts of America's DNA—Independence and Privacy—Are About to Be Destroyed @alternet:

"Once net neutrality is dead at the hand of former Verizon lawyer and now FCC-chief Ajit Pai, do you really believe Comcast or Verizon will let people click through to sites like “” or “”?  China locks down the internet to control politics, but here politicians are largely corporate-owned, so these big ISPs simply paid (er…”donated”) to put their guy in charge of the FCC. Soon, they’ll be able to block any protest activity you may be considering, particularly if it’ll hurt their profitability. And, of course, ISPs want to stay in the good graces of the politicians they’ve bought, so if busting you on behalf of the State ingratiates them to the political powers-that-be, all the better…  Not only that, in order to lock down the internet and wring every single penny that can be wrung out of your identity and data, your ISP will, in all probability, radically ramp up their “oversight” (aka spying) of/on you so they can determine what you might want to buy, who and where you are, and what you might be able to afford.  This intense profit motive, to extract the last penny from every one of us, in both fees and by selling our browsing/posting/email history, has all but wiped out the possibility of anonymity. As we can see with the J20 websites—where our government is demanding all the online activity related to protests against Trump on January 20, 2017—once your ISPs begin monitoring and collecting all of your information, there’s nowhere left to hide. Independence and privacy – the anonymity necessary to be able to participate in politics – are essential parts of the DNA of the United States. To destroy them on the internet, now that it has replaced the mail and the town square for communications of all sorts, will mean that there will be little or no protest in the future.  If we are to preserve democracy—what little we have left—in our nation, we must fight Verizon’s lawyer Mr. Pai’s efforts to destroy net neutrality."

Grassley blasts working class for spending on booze, women, and movies
"When Republicans talk up their tax plans, they usually make an effort to mention the middle class. The evidence shows that the current GOP proposals, when fully implemented, would actually raise taxes on millions of middle-class households, but at least in their public talking points, Republican officials try to avoid sounding plutocratic."

Lawrence: Donald Trump Testifies About Obstruction Of Justice On Twitter

Channeling Nixon, Trump Lawyer Argues It's Not Obstruction When President Does It
"President Donald Trump sparked fresh accusations of obstruction of justice over the weekend with a tweet indicating that he knew former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn lied to the FBI—but, according to the president's personal lawyer John Dowd, Trump can't possibly obstruct justice because...he's the president."

Senate Republicans get tough on that gift card your boss gave you one time
"Has your boss ever given you a gift card for a job well done? Senate Republicans are cracking down on that kind of luxury:  The bill, for example, prohibits employers from rewarding employees with gift cards so that a reward of, say, $25 or $50 in the form of a gift card doesn’t escape being taxed. Big banks and oil companies will get tax breaks and even fewer multimillionaires will pay any estate tax—if it’s not repealed altogether—but that $25 to spend at Starbucks that you got at work? Nope. Senate Republicans are not going to let that kind of tax dodging go on."

Donald Trump Tries The Nixon Defense

Grassley: If you don't have over $5 million, it's because of the 'booze or women or movies'
"Here’s what Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley thinks of all those bums who didn’t bother to leave $5.49 million apiece and therefore won’t benefit from an estate tax repeal: "I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing,” Grassley (R-Iowa) told the Des Moines Register, “as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.” Yes, if you’d just stopped spending every darn penny your $40,000-a-year job paid on booze and women and movies, you’d have the nearly $6 million that would mean your heirs would benefit from Republicans repealing the estate tax."

Disastrous Republican Tax Plan Is Only the First Step in Long-Term Effort to Cut Social Security and Medicare, Exacerbating Inequality @alternet

Disastrous Republican Tax Plan Is Only the First Step in Long-Term Effort to Cut Social Security and Medicare, Exacerbating Inequality @alternet:

"If all the Republicans were doing was lining the pockets of the already rich, that would be bad enough—pick your adjective. But that’s not the endgame. Before the Senate voted, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, a past presidential candidate, said the Republicans must make additional cuts to Social Security and Medicare, both federal programs for those over age 65 as well as people with disabilities and parentless children (such as Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan as a youth)."

Republican Admits Real Truth Behind Tax Cuts

The Tax Money Trump Has Spent on Golf Carts Could Have Bought 54,095 School Lunches @alternet

The Tax Money Trump Has Spent on Golf Carts Could Have Bought 54,095 School Lunches @alternet:

"President Donald Trump may want to cut the federal budget and says he wants to return tax dollars back to the American public. Even so, he sure does love to spend your money on his personal pastimes. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the Secret Service reportedly spent $7,470 on golf cart rentals for its agents and the president while at Trump's private Florida club, Mar-a-Lago, according to federal purchase orders reviewed by USA Today. In total, the publication reports that the Secret Service has spent $144,975 on golf carts in the 11 months since Trump assumed office."

Who is the GOP tax plan for? Trump fundraiser hints at the answer
"The result is an almost cartoonish dynamic that unfolded on Saturday: a Republican who’s benefited from private-equity contributions quietly included a provision in the Republican tax plan to benefit private-equity powerhouses. The Republican president bragged about the bill soon after at a fundraiser hosted by the CEO of one of the nation’s biggest private-equity firms. Anyone watching current events who still thinks Trump is a “populist,” ready to fight for working families, is profoundly confused."

Republican On Why You Don't Deserve Tax Cuts

On taxes, what in the world was Susan Collins thinking?
"Collins recognizes the fact that her party’s tax plan is slated to end health care coverage for 13 million Americans and cut Medicare by tens of billions of dollars, but she voted for the legislation anyway because Republican leaders said they’ll soon take up other bills that should help prevent too much damage. And so, Susan Collins was comfortable making the gamble. What’s wrong with that? A few things, actually."

Trump's golden showers
"So much for Donald Trump’s promise “America First” and his pledge Wednesday that his tax plan will help “the plumbers, the carpenters, the cops, the teachers, the truck drivers, the pipe fitters. The people that like me best.” What Trump called “the forgotten men and women of our country—people who work hard but no longer have a voice” during his acceptance of the Republican presidential nomination in Cleveland have a new name now. Marks."

Republican Senator Thinks Kids Are Lazy For Not Getting Their Own Healthcare Coverage

Senate Republicans are essentially defunding public schools to pay for private ones
"The new tax bill passed by Senate Republicans does away with crucial support for public schools while adding a provision beneficial to their private counterparts. That move would help wealthy parents pay for private schools, including religious schools, while hurting lower-income families. A similar provision is in the House version of the tax bill."

GOP tax plan is the worst jobs bill ever
"we know that Donald Trump was lying through his teeth when he said the GOP tax plan was “going to cost me a fortune” and that his own finances were “going to get killed in this bill.” So, neither the House nor the Senate versions of the GOP’s “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” (TCJA) does a very good job of actually delivering tax cuts, except to corporations and the wealthiest people in America. But as it turns out, the TCJA doesn’t do much to create jobs, either."

Marco Rubio Makes It Clear: Republicans Will Cut Social Security And Medicare After Tax Cuts Pass

Paul Krugman: The Entire Republican Party Is Rotten to the Core @alternet

Paul Krugman: The Entire Republican Party Is Rotten to the Core @alternet:

"The latest Republican tax bill is not just an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the bottom to the very top, but a fundamental restructuring of American society, from public education and health care to the separation of church and state. According to Quinnipiac, just 25 percent of the public approves of the legislation, yet it's expected to pass as early as Friday. Paul Krugman believes only a party as rotten to its core as the GOP would draft such a bill, much less sign it into law.  The Nobel Prize-winning economist has been railing against the proposal for weeks, and uses his latest column to remind readers just how disgraceful its rollout has been. When Republicans attempted to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) bleated about returning "regular order" to Congress. Apparently he's had a chance of heart, because the Senate is set to vote without holding a single public hearing. The Joint Committee on Taxation finds the GOP tax bill would do little to stimulate the economy and would add $1 trillion to the deficit over the next decade, but that hasn't stopped Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin from insisting its cuts will pay for themself. What's worse, he has repeatedly cited a Treasury report that simply doesn't exist; the department hasn't even been asked to study the legislation's long-term ramifications. "But aren’t politicians always cynical? Not to this degree," Krugman writes. "This whole process involves a level of bad faith we haven’t seen in U.S. politics since the days when defenders of slavery physically assaulted their political foes on the Senate floor." If you think the GOP would have behaved any differently with Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz in the White House, think again. The Trump family may profit handsomely from the tax cuts being proposed, but the president's entire party has proven itself desperate to appease the donor class. For Krugman, "the rot is wide as well as deep"."

The Atrocious Big Pharma Record of the New HHS Nominee @alternet

The Atrocious Big Pharma Record of the New HHS Nominee @alternet:

"Does anyone believe an executive who enabled such profiteering, looting of tax dollars and unethical marketing of dangerous drugs should be health secretary?"

MILLIONS Of Americans Will Lose Their Health Insurance with GOP Tax Plan

Friday, December 1, 2017

GOP sneaks provision into tax bill to benefit one college favored by Republican billionaires
"Late Friday night, Republicans released a 479-page amendment to their tax bill. Republican leaders are planning to vote on the bill on Friday or early Saturday morning, and it is expected to pass. Maybe someone should read it first. Tucked away on page 289 is a provision that would exempt certain colleges from a special tax on university endowments. It would only apply to colleges that: 1. Did not accept federal funds, and 2. Had an endowment of at least $500,000 per student. There appears to be only one educational institution in the entire country that would benefit: Hillsdale College. What’s so special about Hillsdale? The school has deep ties to Betsy DeVos, Trump’s education secretary, and her family. The DeVos clan founded Amway, which made them billionaires, and are large Republican donors. The Hillsdale student paper details the connections."

Republicans Are Writing A Tax Cut For The Rich On The Senate Floor With A Pen And You Can’t Read It
"Here is how crazy things have gotten in the Senate. Republicans are making changes to their tax cuts for the rich bill on the Senate floor in longhand with a pen. Even worse, they still won’t let the American people see the bill."

If you’re against the tax plan, you’re a) in the majority, and b) not a congressional Republican
"Most people recognize this as the old trickle-down economics snake-oil sales job they’ve been hearing about since Reagan. You simply can’t find someone with a whit of common sense, and who’s not being paid to believe otherwise, who will buy the story that the best way to help them is to give corporations a $2 trillion tax cut over the next decade. Then there are the facts of the case. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) claimed today that the Senate version of the tax bill will “directly benefit all Americans.” No, it won’t."

The GOP Tax Scam Two-Step: Explode the Deficit With Cuts for Rich, Then Screw the Poor
"the GOP is planning to use the massive deficit hole its plan would create to justify taking a sledgehammer to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security—a ploy one group has termed the "tax two-step"."

Senate Republicans' push for massive tax cuts bill has become surreal
"Yep, hand-written scribbles that no one can read. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) tried to have that page inserted in the Congressional Record, but the staff said they couldn’t because they can’t read it. This is how Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans—including that great champion of “regular order” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)—think the biggest experiment in social engineering and redistribution of wealth from the bottom up in a generation is supposed to work." Keep on calling. Jam your senators' phone lines at (202) 224-3121. Tell them to vote "no" on the Republican tax bill.

Republicans are handwriting their tax bill at the last minute
"Senate Republicans are down to the wire on their tax bill — so much so that the legislation, which would massively overhaul the nation’s tax code, has large portions that are handwritten."

2400+ religious leaders sign letter condemning 'fundamentally unjust' Republican tax bill
"More than  2,400 religious leaders just sent the Senate a letter condemning the Republican "tax plan" that the party intends to shove through, raising taxes on millions, cutting key services like Medicare, and making other tax changes in order to provide a windfall to the very richest Americans."

After Sen. Collins implied AARP would back tax cuts, AARP fires back with a resounding 'NO!'
"Yesterday, she tried to float out a two-pronged excuse by both pretending the tax cuts wouldn’t obliterate Medicare, while attempting to pass the buck onto Sen. Mitch McConnell."

BREAKING: Republicans Have The Votes On Monstrous Tax Bill

Republican tax plan will reduce American competitiveness

Republican tax plan will reduce American competitiveness

"This Robin Hood-in-reverse plan would be a disaster for most working families, and is nothing more than a payoff to the Trump family and the wealthy individuals and big business that helped put him in office. Worse yet, it is a slap in the face to the millions of working class voters that put him over the top in the 2016 election. Members of Congress should stop this bill before it is too late."

New York Times: The GOP Tax Bill Will Permanently Alter Americans' Lives—For The Worse.
"It’s probably safe to say that the average Trump voter did not vote to consign Social Security and Medicare to their graves. They probably did not vote to gut their healthcare or their own jobs and retirements. They probably did not vote for billionaires to buy new and improved Superyachts and ensconce their spoiled and undeserving children as a permanent overclass and aristocracy to rule over them. Because with every aristocracy there must also be a permanent class of peasants. Even the dullest of Republican voters probably senses this, however dimly. But that is exactly what they’re going to get this week, when the Republican Party votes in lockstep to gut what most of us know as the American way of life. The New York Times gets it, even though someone there probably realizes most who voted Republican aren’t listening but are too busy sharing a Facebook post about how pro football players are betraying the nation, while the rest of us recoil in horror at what is about to happen to the country. What we see being hastily rammed through by the Republican Congress against the wishes of the American people is the same rehash of failed policies that led to the worst and most crippling budget deficits in American history. Of course that has been the plan all along: following the irrepressible mantra that huge tax cuts for the wealthy—however unnecessary and not even asked for—will somehow trickle down to the working people in this country to improve their lives. It didn’t work before and it won’t work now"

With Nation's Eyes on Michael Flynn, McConnell Declares 'We Have the Votes' to Pass #GOPTaxScam
"Warnings that bombshell developments surrounding Trump's former national security advisor will provide smokescreen for Republican giveaway to corporations and wealthy donors"

Cancer doctors make emergency trip to Washington, warn senators they're sentencing patients to death
"The only thing that's certain is that if this bill passes, the already devastating cuts that cancer patients on Medicare have been subjected to are going to get much, much worse. That's the only guarantee Republicans are making. It's what they are voting for. Jam your senators' phone lines at (202) 224-3121. Tell them to vote "no" on the Republican tax bill."

Trump’s Biggest Lie About His Tax Plan Exposed By Corporate CEOs

Republicans will cut Social Security and Medicare next

Republicans will cut Social Security and Medicare next

"Florida Senator Marco Rubio admits that the Republican tax cut plan to aid corporations and the wealthy will require cuts to Social Security and Medicare to pay for it."

During tax debate, Republican questions funding for children’s health
"The context for the exchange between Hatch and Brown was quite extraordinary: this happened on the Senate floor during a debate over the Republican tax plan. In other words, Orrin Hatch was trying to pass a massive series of tax cuts, the vast majority of which will benefit large corporations and the wealthiest of the wealthy. What’s more, as the Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell recently explained, The Republican tax bill is often described as being weighted toward ‘the rich.’ But that’s not the full story. It’s actually weighted toward the loafer, the freeloader, the heir, the passive investor who spends his time yachting and charity-balling. In short: the idle rich.” The price tag for the GOP tax plan is roughly $1.5 trillion. Meanwhile, there’s the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which needs $15 billion. In other words, CHIP costs literally 1% of the overall cost of the Republican tax package. And yet, there was Orrin Hatch, a supporter of his party’s tax cuts, making the case on the Senate floor that CHIP’s “having trouble” because “we don’t have money anymore.” I feel like I’m stuck in a Dickensian nightmare."

Donald Trump's 21st Century Fake Populism @alternet

Donald Trump's 21st Century Fake Populism @alternet:

"Trump's economic nationalism is, of course, a con job. He did, however, effectively employ the demagogue’s artifice, which invariably lies in crafting simplistic answers to complicated questions and creating plausible scapegoats for complicated problems."

The GOP Tax Plan Is a Giant Middle Finger to Hundreds of Millions of Americans Who Aren't Rich @alternet

The GOP Tax Plan Is a Giant Middle Finger to Hundreds of Millions of Americans Who Aren't Rich @alternet:

"Nobody should have any illusions about what the GOP’s goals are and how they are doing it. As many analysts have noted, the tax bill is a giant giveaway to the richest in America who already are doing just fine. But as Krugman pointed out, the plundering of middle-class wealth is an intentional slow-motion tightening of fiscal pressures over the next decade; where no one provision jumps out but the totality hurts most Americans."

The GOP Tax-Pocalypse: Trump Shows GOP That the Truth is Now Irrelevant to the Republican Base @alternet

The GOP Tax-Pocalypse: Trump Shows GOP That the Truth is Now Irrelevant to the Republican Base @alternet:

"these GOP officials watched Trump give a speech in Missouri on Wednesday, where the crowd cheered wildly while he claimed that his plan has wealthy people like himself complaining about having their taxes increased so ordinary people can have a big tax cut.  Republican senators all know that's a brazen lie. It is literally the opposite of the truth."

If Trump’s tax plan had merit, he wouldn’t have to lie about it
"the White House is helping negotiate additional changes to the Senate legislation that would further boost the president’s personal finances. It’s worth emphasizing that Trump has made this claim before, probably because it seems like a politically persuasive talking point: if our wealthy president is going to be worse off under the GOP proposal, it may be more in line with public attitudes that show broad support for higher taxes on the richest Americans. It’s precisely why it matters that Trump’s claims are the opposite of the truth. Indeed, every time the president has presented his bogus argument, it’s been smacked down by fact-checkers. The fact that he keeps repeating it anyway reinforces fears that he’s deliberately trying to deceive the nation ahead of the votes in Congress. All of which raises the question that should give the public pause: if the Republican tax plan has merit, why can’t Donald Trump tell the truth about it?"

Republican tax plan remains ‘historically unpopular’
"There’s no great mystery here: Americans generally believe the GOP plan will direct the bulk of the benefits to the rich, which happens to be true. There’s also ample polling that shows the public supporting higher taxes on big corporations, which is the polar opposite of what Republicans have in mind."

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Fails To Deliver Promised Tax Report

Hatch, leading the fight for $1.5 trillion deficit-boosting tax cuts, says we can't afford CHIP
"Get that? We can afford permanent tax cuts for the rich and corporations, but we can't afford to take care of 9 million children. Oh, but it gets much worse."

Paul Krugman: The GOP Is Running the Biggest Tax Scam in History @alternet

Paul Krugman: The GOP Is Running the Biggest Tax Scam in History @alternet:

"The Republican Party is attempting to enact tax reform this week without holding a public hearing or conducting even a rudimentary analysis of its long-term economic impact, but a few things about the legislation are known: it provides a windfall for the wealthy, specifically those who draw an income from their collected assets, and hurts just about everbody else—especially the poor."

Facing Widespread Protest GOP Pushes Tax Bill In Party-Line Vote

Sam Brownback Demolished the State of Kansas—Is America Next? @alternet

Sam Brownback Demolished the State of Kansas—Is America Next? @alternet:

"Republicans are telling the greatest lie in modern politics and they are getting away with it. Trickle-down is a Republican dream that has never worked in reality and never will. Not in Kansas, not in the Land of Oz, not anywhere."

McCain, undergoing cancer treatment, will vote to end cancer treatment for Medicare patients
"We know the tax bill is going to take $25 billion from Medicare immediately, because it will trigger automatic spending cuts and only part of Medicare won't be shielded. The part that will be cut is the part that pays for expensive chemotherapy drugs. The last time these cuts were triggered, cancer patients were denied treatment. And it's going to happen again. The last time it was resolved when the government shutdown ended. This time it's permanent."

Maverick McCain Hands Your Money To Billionaires

Rubio: Tax bill and resulting deficit is first step for destroying Social Security, Medicare
"Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio let the cat food out of the bag Wednesday, telling a group of lobbyists that hiking the deficit with this tax bill is the first step in dismantling Social Security and Medicare."

The Republican Tax Bill Is a Disaster for Public Schools @alternet

The Republican Tax Bill Is a Disaster for Public Schools @alternet:

"For a bill that the G.O.P. is trying to market as a “boon” to the middle class, the House bill does not just tax graduate student tuition waivers, but also it takes aim at tuition benefits for higher education employees and their children. The New York Times portrayed a 64 year old night custodian at Boston College who managed to send all five of his children to college using such a benefit and who would never have been able to do so under the House bill. Assurances from House leaders that their bill would grant most Americans so much tax relief that they would not need those benefits ring hollow as analyses show that various provisions in the bills could result in $1.6 trillion dollars of tax INCREASES on middle class earners over the next decade. So while the House and Senate bills are not friendly to higher education (the Senate bill somewhat less so), there has been little talk about the potential impact on K-12 education if the Senate bill passes, is reconciled with the House bill, and sent to the Oval Office for splashy signing ceremony. There are several provisions in both pieces of legislation that would take serious aim at K-12 education at the state and local funding levels."

The New GOP Tax Bill Is Worse Than You Think...

Prepare yourself: Trump is lying about the tax cuts plan
"Yes, a more shocking headline would be Donald Trump telling the truth about something, but still. In a speech so egregious that The New York Times had to fact-check it, Trump is selling a barge of goods on this bill that will personally reap him huge financial gain. Here's just the toplines from their work: He is wrong that “for years, they haven’t been able to get tax cuts, many, many years since Reagan.” […] He inaccurately suggested the plan wouldn’t help the wealthy. […] He falsely called the current plan the “biggest tax cut in the history of our country, bigger than Reagan.” […] He falsely suggested that the stock market was previously flat. [..] He exaggerated when he said a 3.3 percent growth was the “largest increase in many years.” Maybe Reagan is the only president besides President Obama whom he's capable of remembering. Because there were those Bush tax cuts that Obama had to spend eight years cleaning up after to facilitate a robust stock market and growth as high as 5.2 percent in the third quarter of 2014. But even if these facts managed to lodge themselves in Trump's damaged brain, his hate filter would block them from his conscious life. This bill is so much more than just tax cuts. It's a radically dangerous exercise in social engineering. It's widely recognized by everyone but congressional Republicans and Trump as a deeply irresponsible plan that will do everything from preventing states and local government from levying taxes to try to make up for what they're losing from the federal government, to cutting health care and education and public transportation and the safety net. It would probably even result in far fewer individuals giving to charity. It's so much worse than the Bush tax cuts because it reaches into every aspect of our lives."

Donald Trump: A “populist” who wages class war on behalf of the rich
"As a candidate, the billionaire promised voters that he would take on the elite and fight for the “forgotten men and women” of America, and promoted himself as a man of the people. Yet since becoming president Trump has done virtually nothing to improve the lot of ordinary Americans who work for a living. In fact, his administration’s policies have, for the most part, benefited people like President Trump — i.e., the super-rich — while hurting working class Americans. Instead of governing like a man of the people, Trump has governed like a man of the billionaire class. The latest instance of this comes with the Republican attempt at tax reform."

Lawrence O'Donnell: GOP Tax Bill Is 'Breathtakingly Bad'

Closing malls and bankrupt stores: blame Wall Street predation for the 'retail apocalypse'
"Killing off a well-regarded retail chain by purchasing it, loading it with debt, and sticking others with the bill"

FCC will block states from passing their own net neutrality laws
"After the FCC began its assault on net neutrality earlier this year, several cities and states began looking into ways to protect consumers on their own. Unfortunately, the FCC has decided that it won’t allow that to happen: as part of its proposal to repeal net neutrality, the commission is trying to use its authority to preempt any and all state and local net neutrality regulations."

How Trump turned Sean Hannity into a conspiracy theorist

FCC Commissioner Begs Nation to Stop GOP Colleagues From Killing Net Neutrality
"After one commissioner called the FCC's newly-released plan to roll back net neutrality "worse than one could imagine," a second commissioner is now calling voters to make sure the proposal by Republican Chairman Ajit Pai does not go through. In a Los Angeles Times op-ed published Thursday—entitled "I'm on the FCC. Please stop us from killing net neutrality"—Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel points to the overwhelming public support for net neutrality and the ongoing questions about validity of anti-net neutrality public comments submitted to FCC, as well as what appear to be tens of thousands of missing comments. "If the idea behind the plan is bad, the process for commenting on it has been even worse," she writes. Rosenworcel decries Pai's plan as "a lousy idea. And it deserves a heated response from the millions of Americans who work and create online every day"."

How Trump turned Sean Hannity into a conspiracy theorist
"Sean Hannity was a reliable pro-Trump voice on Fox News throughout the 2016 presidential race, frequently touting Donald Trump’s campaign and inviting the candidate onto his show for softball interviews. Since the election, however, Hannity has taken on a new role in the pro-Trump ecosystem: conspiracy theorist in chief."

Get Ready For Trump's Expensive Internet Tiers

Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump
"Since first launched in February 2017, the Trump-Russia Timeline has grown to more than 600 entries"

List of Trump campaign Russia contacts continues to grow
"the Russians who are reported to have had contact with various members of the Donald Trump campaign ahead of the election, a list that is still growing as new interactions come to light."

President Donald Trump's Mental State An 'Enormous Present Danger'