Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dear Republicans: You People are the Biggest Damn Hypocrites I’ve Ever Seen
"Obviously the fact that someone like Donald Trump not only won the GOP primary, but was “elected” last November by millions of conservative voters, is currently at the top of the list. This is a group of people who claim to represent “Christian, family values and the moral majority” who elected the least-Christian person to run for president — possibly ever. A petty, greedy, egotistical, self-admitted sexual predator who bullies people, has been divorced twice, has had at least one affair, and has five children from three different women, that’s the person the party of “Christian values” supports. It’s a reality that’s more laughably absurd than anything even the best comedic writers could come up with. Then there’s everything concerning Russia’s interference in last year’s election. While there have been a few Republicans (mainly senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain) who’ve been open to full investigations into the Russian cyber attack against Hillary Clinton and the DNC, most have been lukewarm to the idea, at best, if not outright dismissive of any such suggestion. Let’s flip the script for a moment. Imagine what Republicans would be saying if a Democrat had been elected president with help from a Russian cyber attack that U.S. intelligence agencies say was meant to hurt the chances of the GOP candidate. A Democrat who had repeatedly praised Russia’s president; refused to release their tax returns to prove they had no financial links to Russia: had a rather extensive list of individuals with some rather sketchy ties and communications with Russians, especially during the election; and had repeatedly tried to undermine U.S. intelligence reports citing Russia as being the culprit behind the cyber attack against the 2016 election. If the situation were reversed right now, Republicans would be losing their damn minds."

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