Thursday, May 25, 2017

CBO: Republican plan would take health coverage from 23 million
"This might have been useful information for House members to have before they voted three weeks ago. Indeed, it was difficult not to appreciate the irony this afternoon. Those most invested in the health care debate today did what Republican lawmakers refused to do: learn about the real-world effects of the GOP legislation. Remember, House Speaker Paul Ryan and his GOP allies could’ve waited for the Congressional Budget Office to issue a report on the legislation before they voted on it, but Republicans chose willful ignorance: they didn’t want to know what their bill would cost – and they didn’t want to know how many Americans would lose their health security – because the more facts policymakers had at their disposal, the more likely it would be their bill would fail. And now 217 House Republicans are on the hook, voting for legislation first, then learning they voted to take health security away from 23 million Americans."

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