Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Around Half of Trump Voters Don't Believe Don Junior Met with Russians Despite Repeated Confessions
"Yeah, so it appears as if a majority of Trump voters don't believe that Junior met with Russian government operatives even though Junior, as well as the president himself, confessed that the meeting took place. He not only confessed, but he did so in writing.  Further verifying the meeting, Trump tweeted about it today, making it seem as if the obvious collusion was politics-as-usual. While we're here, it's more than a little hilarious to see the president and his fanboys on Fox News defending this meeting as if it was no big deal -- as if there aren't countless other reports illustrating the broader extent of the Trump-Russia conspiracy to hijack the 2016 election. Even if Junior's meeting was nothing (it's not nothing -- it's treason), there are so many other fronts in this story, many of which are being actively pursued by congressional committees and, naturally, the special counsel and his team of "untouchables." Don't be shocked if you overhear Trumpers denying the roundness of the Earth, or that humans can't breathe under water. When a majority of Republican Trump voters are this detached from objective reality, especially knowing that reality, or a version of reality, has been confirmed by their own guys, including Trump, they're willing to believe or disbelieve anything. Are they unaware of the confession? Maybe. It's unclear whether Fox News is spending much time on the story, given how the confession is what it is -- concrete verification of a criminal conspiracy to meddle with the election and beyond. But if they're aware of the confession and yet refuse to accept it, it proves that around half of Trump's voters are completely delusional and disconnected from reality. It also indicates that it'll be nearly impossible for any of them to be redeemed and returned to sanity."

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