Saturday, March 18, 2017

Trump's reward to 'coal country'—kill jobs, training, communities, and education—you're welcome
"The Appalachian region awarded Trump big, fat wins. After all, Trump digs coal! Now it’s time to get their rewards. How does his budget reward them? Well, there’s the Appalachian Regional Commission. Or rather, there was, because Trump’s proposed budget completely eliminates the ARC. The commission supports local communities and regional programs, it also helps jumpstart local entrepreneurs and regional businesses which have created tens of thousands of jobs. It also contributes to local infrastructure, community management, and hundreds of local programs. Sorry, it did all those things. Clearly not needed. There’s also massive cuts to the Labor Department that eliminates job training. On the chopping block are both the Senior Community Service Employment Program that helps workers over 55 find new jobs, and Job Corps that helps young people get work experience and skills.  Both are widely used in Appalachia. Sorry, were. Were. Nobody wants them now. There is one unemployment program Trump is anxious to fund. He’ll expand the Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment program, REAP, which helps companies spot people who shouldn’t get unemployment and ditch them faster. Everyone wants that. And Trump will stop people from having to pay for educational programs, by routing that money to where it’s needed—more bombs. As a special bonus, he’ll save millions of seniors from the indignity of getting warm meals. That’s just what everyone asked for. Most important of all, Trump will make massive cuts to the EPA, instantly recreating thousands of mining jobs even though there are no power plants or steel mills out there that want the coal. Mines will hire more people just because they are so happy about Trump making it possible to dump more waste into water and cutting back on inspections. Or at least, coal country better hope so. Because with no job training, no support for start ups, and absolutely no safety net, it would be kind of awful if it turned out that Trump was just a huge liar."

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