Saturday, January 28, 2017

Gov. Rick Perry Would Put Science and Scientists at Risk as Energy Secretary
"Scientific integrity ensures that trustworthy information reaches decisionmakers and the public by relying on transparency, peer review and open discussion, the involvement of experts based on their own integrity and experience, and the removal of political influence. The DOE and its National Laboratories depend on and exercise these values to deliver new technologies as flashy as 3-D printed cars and as transformative as wide band-gap semiconductors. More importantly, the department and its laboratories apply their values across collaborative efforts with universities, industries, and other countries to deliver new business opportunities, enhance trade, and meet international goals, such as curbing climate change. The Clean Energy Ministerial, one example of this collaborative work, brings energy departments from more than 24 countries together to tackle common obstacles to technology deployment. Perry has repeatedly failed to meet such standards of integrity when interacting with the scientific community or using scientific information in policymaking."

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